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As a Host you will receive: 

A FUN PARTY or event, 3 games story time toy presentation gift for the host

Our parties are amazing and fun! During our parties, we party games and talk about different intimate products and how they are used. At the fun party, we will also discuss the price of every individual intimate item. Everyone attending the party must make a minimum of a $20 purchase or a friendly donation. For our company to host a party, there must be a payment PAID IN FULL. (NON-REFUNDABLE)

BOOKING a party at the last minute(LESS THAN ONE WEEK)

There will be a EXTRA $30 FEE PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL GUEST ARE ON TIME. For example, if your party starts at 7, PLEASE DON'T BOOK ME AT THAT TIME. Please give the guest enough time to get to the party to view the entire presentation. All parties will start the booking time. If for any reason, there are delays the time will deducted from the party services. The HOST IS NOT RESPONSIBLE TO STAY LATER THEN THE SCHEDULE TIME OF THE BOOKING. IF YOU REQUIRE THE HOST TO STAY LATE, THERE WILL BE A $50 FEE.


That being said, we understand that the unexpected happens. In the event of an emergency or unforeseen circumstance, we will do our very best to accommodate rescheduling your party. A RESCHEDULING FEE MAY APPLY. You will be given up to 4 WEEKS TO RESCHEDULE YOUR EVENT WITHOUT ANY FEES. If for any reasons the host may have to CANCEL THE EVENT, you will BE REFUNDED ONLY $75.

SOCIAL MEDIA please please DO NOT record anyone without their permission. 

We recommend NO ONE GOES LIVE OR POST DOING PRESENTATION. Sometimes we discuss very intimate things with one another that shouldn't be shown on social media. We want everyone to enjoy a good conversation and fun games. THE ONLY PERSON WHO IS ALLOWED TO RECORD IS THE HOST. The host will send videos and pictures to the person whom BOOK WITH HER. Any videos or pictures that are taken by the host, will be APPROVE BY GUEST BEFORE POSTING ON SOCIAL MEDIA. 

Please be advise there is an AGE LIMIT REQUIREMENT. You MUST BE AT LEAST 25 OR OLDER to book a party. All guest attending must be at 21 years of age. An ID maybe ask for if the guest don't look of age. If there are any UNDERAGE GUEST, THE HOST HAVE A RIGHT TO CANCEL FOR THE PARTY. For any in home parties, PLEASE NO BABIES!

We are here to make your girl's night a pleasant one. When you are ready to plan your night, we will be ready to send you on a flight of love and laughs! "DON'T BE AFRAID TO REACH YOUR KLIMAXXX!"


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